Our Team


Motivated & innovative individuals working together

Operating in a niche industry in which safety is vital, our critical success factor has been our people.

We pride ourselves on on-time delivery and uncompromised quality and safety, regardless of circumstances.

Our team of people brings with them the collective expertise, experience and attitude that has seen us through numerous projects successfully. We undertake diverse projects that revolve around our core business of oil & gas pipelining, allowing us to come up with innovative solutions for projects that require specific technical know-how.

It is our company culture to be self-motivated, pro-active, innovative and resourceful. Every project has its own requirements, specifications and challenges—we believe there is more than one way to get the job done well. When challenges occur, we put on our analytical thinking cap and brainstorm for solutions, within the limited resources of time and budget.

Continuous training and keeping abreast with technology relevant to our industry enable us to constantly seek new and innovative ways to achieve the same project goals and deadlines.